Executive Founders

CEO & Co-founder - M.B.Admin

Guillaume Perben

Having grown up by the Mediterranean Sea, Guillaume has always been an avid sailor, enjoying both competitive sailing and holiday trips with his children and wife on the family sailboat. After studying business administration in Europe, the US and Japan, he joined the Ford Motor Company where he held positions in Sales, Finance, Marketing and Business Development in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, managing teams globally. He then founded his own consulting firms, first in New Caledonia and then in Switzerland, with a focus on business development and restructuring businesses across a variety of industries, including cleantech and waste management. His passion for sailing, his extensive network in the nautical industry, and his awareness of the lack of a viable solution for recycling the fiberglass hulls of end-of-life sailboats led him to co-found Composite Recycling in 2021

CSO & Co-founder - PhD Physics

Dr. Pascal Gallo

Pascal received his PhD in physics in 2006, specializing in quantum physics and crystal growth. He then joined EPFL in Switzerland as a research scientist, focusing on metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. Using the fundamental principles of pyrolysis, he worked successively as operations planner from 2012 at BeamExpress, a telecommunication company developing low power consumption lasers, as chief business development officer from 2014 at Novagan, a company developing high-efficiency lighting solutions, and then in 2015 he co-founded LakeDiamond, manufacturing lab-grown diamonds. In 2021 he teamed up to co-found Composite Recycling, serving as chief scientific officer. During his career Pascal, who has authored more than 70 peer-reviewed publications and patents, has always been inspired to pursue meaningful, cutting-edge technologies with the goal of reducing our environmental footprint.